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Inspiring Invention in Middle School Minds

Victory Middle School

My English students are bright, well-prepared students. They are usually kind, and usually inquisitive. I am encouraged by their energy and enthusiasm for learning.

My students are open-minded...

Performing Arts Appreciation: Shakesperience for Middle School!

Meridian Middle School

Meridian Middle School is Meridian City's oldest middle school. We currently serve approximately 1,100 students of our district's middle school children, and 47% of these students are considered...

Help Me Focus! Tunnels and Caves for Early Invention

Hillsdale Elementary School

My classroom is a special education program. Children have a variety of needs and are receiving a variety of services. These range from OT, to PT, to SLP, to developmental therapy. We work on...

Flexible Seating for Flexible Minds

Seven Oaks Elementary School

I work as a Gifted and Talented facilitator in an elementary school. My goal is to give my students the time, freedom, and materials they need to explore and discover the world around us.


Shaping Behavior by Providing Sensory Materials and Tools

Lake Hazel Elementary School

Our typical student is bright, caring, and smart and has an inability to properly manage behaviors and emotions. While the majority of my students learn at grade level for academics they all share...

Musical Carpet

Siena Elementary School

Everyone, kindergarten through fifth grade, has the opportunity to take music class. Each grade level has different skills to learn, create, and practice. We learn what different notes are, how...

A Musical Rug to Support Our Learning

Peregrine Elementary School

My students are an amazing group of hard working children who are eager to learn all that they can and willing to try anything. They are excited to learn about every aspect of music and I try to...

Art Kids Love Books

Idaho Fine Arts Academy

My 6th - 12th grade students are committed to the arts including Drama, Fine Arts, Dance, Vocal, or Instrumental Arts. Their parents have to provide transportation to our school because they come...

The Sound of Victory: Microphones for Recording Performances and Assessments

Victory Middle School

This is our second year together as a school. Like most public schools, our school serves a diverse group of learners with many different needs. My students come from especially diverse...

4th Grade Essentials for the Classroom

Ustick Elementary School

As a teacher in a Title One school, my students come from various home lives, many of which are not as pleasant as I would hope. While they are sweet and eager to learn, a few of my students have...

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