Thrilled About Science

Ms. Ponder
West Middle School
Grades 6-8
Nampa, ID
Project Cost: $555.99
Dollars to go: $260.99

My Students

Our students come from diverse backgrounds but fifty percent come from poverty. Still others come from other challenging circumstances including trauma-related experiences. Despite their personal challenges they come to school and love learning. My sixth-graders' experience with science to this point is limited. I want to take advantage of the enthusiasm that these 11-year-olds bring to middle school science. I want to provide a classroom library of really fun books they can read that will peak their interest and enthusiasm for all things science. Student will be using their time "in science" to the fullest by reading informational text and making discoveries of their own.

My Project

Science is fun! However, it's not something my 6th graders have had the opportunity to really dig deep and learn about either in their academic careers or in their diverse home lives. Creating a classroom library specifically focused on books about science, women in science, and the vast ways science can be explored will grab hold of that wide-eyed wonderment 6th graders bring to middle school and shape and mold their attitudes about science into one of fascination and curiosity. Science books available at arm's length right there in our classroom will also help students practice reading informational desk for enjoyment in a fun, colorful format that is different than text books. Students will see science learning and exploration as a part of everyday life, not just something we do at school.