Rocketing Into Spelling Practice!

Ms. Horn
Hawthorne Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Boise, ID
Project Cost: $168.15
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

Our school serves students in grades PreK-6 and provides rich academics, fantastic teachers, and a safe learning environment. Our school is Title I, meaning that the majority of our students come from low-income families. We serve many English Language Learners, students with special needs, and students living in poverty. Our school is also unique in that we have a significant refugee population, creating a wonderfully diverse atmosphere. Despite their everyday challenges, our students are eager learners who love coming to school each day! They are bright, inquisitive, kind and just a joy to teach! Their interests are as varied as their stories and that makes each day a new adventure!

My Project

This school year is unlike any we have seen before. My class of 3rd Grade students is learning entirely online through our local public school system. I have been so impressed by their adaptability, resiliency and joy, even when faced with new challenges. Their love of learning and eagerness to connect is demonstrated every single day! I want to do all I can to provide them with the best education and school experience. Though we are not in a traditional school setting, there's a lot of learning happening in our online 3rd grade class! I have created hands-on and highly engaging learning opportunities for my students. We spend a significant part of each day building connections, engaging in thoughtful discussions and exploring important academic concepts through rigorous curriculum. The only component of my students' online 3rd Grade experience that needs enrichment is spelling! A solid understanding of spelling patterns and fluency in spelling high-frequency words is essential in all other academic areas; strengthening writing and reading as well as communicating mathematical understanding! Rocket Spelling is a high-quality program that engages learners in fun and challenging games while they learn essential spelling skills.