Tech Tools to Teach

Ms. Curtis
Mullan Trail Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Post Falls, ID
Project Cost: $266.46
Dollars to go: $86.46

My Students

2020 has been a year of unknowns and navigating firsts so far. Not only are we now distance teaching, but anticipating what this next school year will look like. My students are curious, hardworking and creative people and my hope is to supply them with the tools to ensure those great characteristics are shared this year. My students are looking forward to coming back and sharing their unique perspectives with their peers. I was very fortunate to have a grant funded last year for all my students to have headphones. This will help them be ready for the possibility of online collaboration this school year. My hope is that through this grant, I will also be able to provide them with computer mice so that they are capable of easily exploring ways of expressing themselves through technology.

My Project

As students, teachers and parents try to get ready for anything this next school year, I want to be a resource for my students and families. I am hoping to make any possible transitions for my students and families as easy and stress free as possible this year. We are in this together! This upcoming school year will be all about flexibility. We will start teaching in person this year, but the possibility of having students learning online is quite high. I have worked very hard over the years to get the needed technology into the hands of my students. I believe I will have enough laptops for each student, as well as headphones. The last missing piece for my students is computer mice. With this grant, I am hoping to get my students ready to not only learn online, but make the transition smooth enough that their curiosity, creativity and insights can lead the way!