Curious Minds Need Science Fun!

Mrs. Thayer
Melba Elementary School
Grades PreK-2
Melba, ID
Project Cost: $1615.65
Dollars to go: $611.65

My Students

Our students come from a rural, farming community. Most of our students are very active and love all things outdoors like fishing, hunting, camping, horseback riding, and farm animals. They have very good manners and traditional values within their families. They also enjoy laughing at their teacher when she does silly things like trying to learn to milk a cow or herd a chicken back into the coop, all of which are common practice in their homes. Our students are curious and creative and we just need to spark their imaginations with some Mystery Science lessons. Students love these lessons because they are highly engaging and fun. The lessons are hands on and the type that children remember years later.

My Project

If we could get some help with this project science would be easy and fun to teach for both teachers and students. The lessons are presented through videos that are very real-life scenarios and then engage the kids in questioning and hypothesizing. They love making guesses and the conversations are so enriching. These are the science lessons that kids remember! My students that I have had the opportunity to teach these lesson to always tell me that was the best part of what they learned. It really helps them make sense of the world around them and even I learn new things.