Student Sets of Hands on Materials

Mrs. Poole
Summerwind Elementary School
Grades PreK-2
Boise, ID
Project Cost: $1232.53
Dollars to go: $102.53

My Students

I have the best first grade class! They are overflowing with enthusiasm for school. They come from a diverse background and some even speak different languages at home. Each of my students has a unique family story that influences their world view. They work each day to be a kind and caring part of our class community. This year is going to look a little different than usual. My class will be using school issued devices to do most of their work. We will be learning about wearing masks and physical distancing. Our normal goals will not change though. We will read, write, explore math, and build community.

My Project

My goal is to provide individual sets of hands on materials for students to use at school or home due to safety concerns created by the COVID-19 virus. These materials will be able to travel back and forth to school with students and will allow them to have concrete materials to support their learning. Young children learn best when they can use hands on materials to count and write. Normally we would share supplies but this year we need to be ready to take supplies home so learning continues. By providing students with their own personal learning kit that includes things like math manipulatives (counting blocks, base-10 kits, dice, and Dominos) and reading aids (magnetic letters and reading phones) students will be able to safely use these materials that are vital to their learning.