Sticks and Stands for the Mountain Home Band

Ms. Webb
Mountain Home Senior High School
Grades 9-12
Mountain Home, ID
Project Cost: $1068.01
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

The high school band program has become smaller over the years, due to various reasons. One of the key factors to helping improve a music program is to have working instruments and equipment for the students. The students come from various cultural and financial backgrounds, but all are very passionate about music and want their school band program to succeed. We are a rural community with limited options for purchasing instruments and equipment. Many of our students rely on school instruments in order to participate in the band. Our goal is to be able to provide quality instruments and equipment for our students to use so they can get the most out of their experience.

My Project

Equipment for band instruments is just as essential as the instruments themselves. Mouthpieces, sticks/mallets, stands, reeds, and practice pads are all important parts of a well-functioning band instrument. When specific equipment is unavailable or in bad shape, it is difficult for students to be able to perform or practice on their instruments. Students need the proper equipment to be able to use their instruments efficiently and with ease. Most of our percussion equipment is broken or worn out. We have mallets and sticks that have been rotated and used for over 7-10 years and they are no longer in working condition. Students that play multiple instruments need to have an instrument stand to help them switch between instruments during rehearsal or concerts. These students have a strong passion for music and for their band program, having this equipment will help them progress in their talents and their passion.