Learning through COVID

Mrs. Joyce
Greenhurst Elementary School
Grades PreK-2
Nampa, ID
Project Cost: $558.91
Dollars to go: $333.91

My Students

I currently teach in a Title I (low income) elementary school. With 27 students, I have a wide range of abilities and needs. I also have a diverse socio-economic population of students, who come from a variety of home lives. My students are brilliant, creative, and innovative. They strive for success in everything that they do. My students come to school every day with an excitement to learn and a love to try new things. They also love any chance they get to collaborate with their peers and spread about the classroom as they dive into their work.

My Project

As we re-enter the classroom during this crazy time, I want to provide my students with tools to be successful. These simple resources will make a great impact on my students. Our students have not been in the classroom since March, so these simple tools will help them to be clean, organized, and safe. By using pencil pouches and chair pockets, students will be able to stay organized. They will not have to worry about mixing up supplies or sharing potential germs. The face shields will allow students to speak and work more clearly, instead of worrying about wearing a mask.