A Healthy Place for School Supplies

Mrs. Reinhardt
Pocatello Community Charter School
Grades 3-5
Pocatello, ID
Project Cost: $473.16
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

I teach at an elementary school in southeast Idaho with about 350 students and 13 teachers. Our school also has several part-time paraprofessionals who are dedicated to helping our students be the best they can be! Our entire staff is amazingly supportive and do their best to help make sure our students succeed. In my 3rd and 4th grade combined class I have 26 adventurous, smart, and driven students that I am excited to welcome back to my room in August. The events of the world have changed the way school will look for them this year, but they are excited and ready to come back and dig into everything we get to learn this year! Every single one of my students has their own amazing talents and interests that come together to create an amazing community in our classroom! I am excited and hopeful that with your help, I can create a safe, healthy, and exciting environment for each and every one of them to grow and learn.

My Project

With all of the concerns regarding COVID-19, one huge goal I have this year is to make my classroom as healthy and as safe as I possibly can for my students. In previous years most, if not all of our school supplies were shared community supplies. This year, however, in hopes of limiting the spread of germs, I am switching things up and having each student keep their own set of supplies. This shift in how supplies are being managed in my classroom requires a shift in how supplies are being stored. I want each student to have their own space, close to their seat where they can keep their stuff safe. At our schools we have tables, so right now the only place to keep their stuff is in their backpacks out in the hall, or in their cubbies which can get cramped since all of their cubbies are stacked together. That is why I am requesting these chairback pockets. These pockets will give each student their own space to store their supplies that is right at their seat. These particular chairback pockets also have a space to put a name tag that the students can decorate. This is a huge part of why I chose these chairback pockets. I believe that if students are able to decorate their own name tag and personalize their chairback pocket, it will give students a sense of ownership and pride in a world where so much is out of their control.