Stop! The Time Eaters

Ms. Knapp
Idaho Hill Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Oldtown, ID
Project Cost: $186.26
Dollars to go: $186.26

My Students

Our school strives to create a safe, kind, and enriching community for all students. Every child has individual talents, and strengths; sometimes, all it takes is someone to believe in them. The students in my class strive for excellence while having fun. They all deeply care about one another and continually make an effort to become a successful team. My class consists of 19 amazing students. We have a creative mix of readers, writers, mathematicians, and artists. Each child has strengths that give them wings, and possibilities that give them very different personalities. They all are winners. They all have a positive attitude and actively contribute to our classroom community.

My Project

Flexible seating allows students to take charge of their learning and make the choices that work best for them. During independent work times, they choose a location in the classroom that works for them. Currently, my students are choosing to work in a variety of locations in our room such as: at different tables, sitting under tables with clipboards, or sitting or laying on the floor with a clipboard. Making sure students are comfortable is an essential component in motivating them. I have noticed amazing differences in my students when they are given a choice in their seating. They almost always make good choices about where they sit, are more engaged, and get more work completed than when they are just sitting at their desk. My students are noticeably more engaged in their work and less disruptive of their peers when they are given a choice of where to work and the care of their tools. The products that I have selected will help my students by giving them additional seating options to make more effective learning choices. They are lightweight and can be easily used in many areas of the classroom. I have seen how choice can positively affect my students' work and demeanor and hope that the additional options will help us grow even more! In addition, the two pencil sharpeners will promote more choices the student have in my class. Having a classroom of 4th graders, it is important to encourage independent personal responsibility. Each student can make choices in their seating and the maintenance of the pencils.