Social Distancing in the Classroom

Mrs. Atterberry
Galileo STEM Academy
Grades PreK-2
Eagle, ID
Project Cost: $410.95
Dollars to go: $207.13

My Students

We attend a K-8 STEM school that is located in a suburb of our state capital. Our focus is on science & technology. We have students from various backgrounds and demographics. Maybe it is because of the focus of our school that we get students who are eager to learn and love hands-on experiences, as most 6 and 7-year-olds do. They want to be challenged, yet they want to do it themselves. If you ever visit a classroom of first graders, you will quickly notice that they are a source of constant movement. It is now more important than ever that students are able to keep themselves, their belongings, and their supplies in a safe personal space.

My Project

As I'm preparing for school to begin in the fall, I'm trying to think of the materials I will need to help me keep my students safe. My classroom will be a whole new world when I have to implement social distancing. An alphabetic carpet that is in 26 separate squares is perfect for sitting on the carpet and socially distancing. Each student will have a square to sit on that can be moved around the classroom. The baskets will allow each student a place to put finished work or incomplete work without it touching any other papers that belong to others.