Class of Kindness!

Mrs. Wieland
I T Stoddard Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Blackfoot, ID
Project Cost: $288.41
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

This has been such a crazy time for all educators, students, and parents! I have such a range of families in my class from those that have a set schedule every day that they homeschool to those that have not completed a single thing, and I have a hard time making any contact with, even when trying to drop things off at their homes. I also have a class that financially is extremely diverse as well and I have worked hard to find out what they do and don't have so that I could get them the supplies that they need. We are working hard as an elementary school to not burden the families with a lot of online work so that the middle and high school students can have internet and devices in the home if the students even have access to the internet, which I have five students that do not. I work at creating packets for my students to complete and keep in contact with the parents so that I can continually provide them with new worksheets that help the students practice what they have learned.

My Project

I have been so fortunate to have very diverse classes with more than half my class last year being Native American or Mexican American, we had a lot of opportunity to celebrate and learn about cultures around us. With that said I have also heard many comments that students say, repeating what they hear from home and outside comments that are extremely offensive that they don't even understand, yet they say without even thinking. I have always taken pride in educating my students in tolerance and respect and kindness for all, but it is clear that more needs to be done! I am asking for your help to get books that will spark conversations that are needed in my third grade class. I want us to be open with our dialogue and I believe books like Little Leaders or Separate is Never Equal, and others are books, will be the guide I need to spark that conversation! I am also asking for help in preparing for Covid craziness in getting pencil bags for their things that I normally make communal, like their own boxes of crayons and headphones.