The Year of Flexible Seating

Mrs. Slater
Centennial Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Nampa, ID
Project Cost: $591.99
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

My students are excited and eager to learn. They love working through challenging projects, hands-on activities, and they are some of the most determined learners that I have ever met! They will blow you away with their questions, teamwork, and ideas on the daily! These students never give up and they are my reason for teaching, they are my why and I am blessed to share my classroom with 30 wonderful, shining and smiling faces! My school is located in Nampa, Idaho. The demographic in my classroom is very diverse and I strive to provide new, challenging opportunities for my students each and every day. My classroom is a safe place for all learners and I pride myself on teaching my students to grow within the classroom, but also outside of the classroom. My students all have very unique learning abilities and preferred learning styles, which makes my classroom so very special. We all support on another and work together like a family. I am so proud of these students and beyond excited to work with them this coming school year, despite the unknown!

My Project

Flexible seating will provide my students with choice, movement and the ability to find the spot that works best for their learning style. I will have roughly 30 students this year, if not more and there is no better year to fully jump into flexible seating to provide more space throughout the classroom for learning and the let my students get a voice and opinion in where they think they learn best. Providing students with opportunities in the classroom to encourage them to be part of their learning goals and decisions, will support learning progress throughout the year. My students will be exposed to unique seating options to best fit their needs, behaviors and abilities. Learning should be geared towards the students, always and not every child wants to sit in a chair all day long to learn. Some students will do better on a ball to provoke movement, while keeping them focused. Some will choose a floor option because he/she feels more productive in a floor seat. It just depends, but I know that giving my students the opportunity to have access to these different flexible seating options will support them through their learning in the third grade!