See and Be Themselves

Mrs. Jensen
I T Stoddard Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Blackfoot, ID
Project Cost: $426.98
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

We go to school in a rural area and my classroom holds a diverse population including Native Americans from our nearby reservation as well as a large Hispanic population that aids in our farming community. Most of my students qualify for free breakfast and lunch. I am very lucky and fortunate to work with students that love to be at school and learn each day. Our school is full of energy and excitement which I love being a part of! My students are extremely enthusiastic learners. They are always full of life, and their love for learning is catching! I can't wait each day to see that light bulb look come on when they understand a new concept. They love to have hands-on, engaging learning activities for every subject in school. From the moment they walk in the door in the morning, they are ready to learn and find out what the day has for them.

My Project

I would like to create a class were everyone has a space in my classroom. Inclusion, diversity and multicultural is what a classroom should be made of. I would like to create a calming corner where a child could go to regulate and make better choices. Our school has an adverse group of students. I can use materials such as weighted blanket, sensory ball and books to calm down during Brain Breaks. Brain breaks are very important for students through out the day. We have been out of school for a long time and some students may have worries and sensory overload. Creating a Calming Corner will provide a safe space for my students to look forward to coming to school each day.