Pass, Shoot, Score a Goal!

Mrs. Dickerson
Weiser Middle School
Grades 6-8
Weiser, ID
Project Cost: $364.25
Dollars to go: $233.36

My Students

It is vital that students are exposed to a variety of physical activities! Physical activity has a direct correlation with learning and student success in the classroom. My students are unique individuals, full of potential, and eager to learn even during tough times, such as now! We are a rural school with over 70% free and reduced lunch. With that being said, many of the students come to school each day with barriers beyond their control. As a physical education teacher, I want to help teach and expose my students to activities they may not have access to outside of school hours. As we all know, middle school is a crucial age in helping students find new talents and ways to connect with others.

My Project

Imagine students who may have to be socially distanced in PE class. The the number of activities will be greatly reduced, but we all know how critical physical activity is to the learning process. Floor hockey would be a great way for our students to be actively working together while learning skills. Our current hockey nets are falling apart, and we are in desperate need of new ones to be able to continue to use this activity in our classes. Additionally, hockey is not a sport many of our students are exposed to outside of school hours. Hockey is not the only sport we will be able to utilize these nets for; We will also be able to use them for indoor soccer, and handball. The durability of the metal hockey nets will ensure use for many students for years to come!