Prepping the Party: Fifth Grade Learning

Mrs. Stadler
McMillan Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Boise, ID
Project Cost: $378.02
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

My class is a fifth grade group of amazing children in a Title I school in Boise. I have a mix of learners, including students on IEPs, English language learners and students with behavior plans. These are students in their final year of elementary school who are ready to jump into the crazy world of middle school and beyond. My students are focused on their learning and forming a growth mindset to reach their goals, academic and otherwise. My students have formed their own goals and are willing and able to reach them. I'm excited to see this happen for them! These supplies will help ready the incoming fifth graders for a focused year of learning.

My Project

As a Title I school, we are often disappointed when students come in without the required supplies. That time where we need to fetch the needed items can be a time where we are unsure how to proceed or if/when the supplies will arrive. The incoming fifth graders at my school are in for a real treat. We have planned for a super successful upcoming year, taking an unprecedented break from school before they arrive, we want to be ready to start off the year running, not worried about a lack of supplies. The supplies I am asking for for my students include 1" binders for visible learning, proficiency standards, and portfolios of works, index cards to help teach the students about organization, and the dry erase markers students always seem to be scrambling to find.