Comfortable Reading Corner

Mrs. Wilson
Desert Sage Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Boise, ID
Project Cost: $503.51
Dollars to go: $288.51

My Students

The students at our Title I school are fantastic. They are thoughtful, eager to learn, full of questions, and enjoy being able to work in a variety of places within the classroom. Each student also brings in their own learning style, diverse background, and willingness to learn. In our school, we have a variety of students that are at different reading levels and levels of learning. It is amazing that all these kiddos in our school bring their own challenges but their own celebrations of learning. Due to the wide variety of our school, we get to experience all of the different types of learning, backgrounds, and cultures.

My Project

In my classroom, we are still building a good classroom library. In that classroom library, I am wanting not only comfortable spots to sit in but a variety of books to be able to read and enjoy. Right now the kids have some books and a couple of bean bags but I don't have enough room for every kiddo in the library to have access to amazing books and comfortable spots to sit on while reading. Having these materials for my classroom will allow kids to gain the love of reading again and give them an opportunity to relax, enjoy a book, and help grow their minds!