Wiggle While You Work!

Mrs. Alger
Lincoln Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Twin Falls, ID
Project Cost: $2236.53
Dollars to go: $1354.04

My Students

To say my students come from next to nothing would be an understatement. However, my students are energetic, sweet and eager to learn! My school has a 96% poverty rate. I also host the Newcomer classroom which means that I teach the regular ed curriculum but also welcome the brand new to the country refugees. We work very hard at building community and make sure ALL students know they CAN achieve anything. We level the playing field as much as our resources allow.

My Project

Have you ever found yourself antsy during a long seminar or meeting? This is a typical feeling for many 4th grade students in my classroom as they do their best to attend and engage in learning throughout the day. I've observed this first hand throughout the past fifteen years as a classroom teacher. Even though I incorporate movement, brain breaks and active learning into daily lessons, my students still need more movement. Children are expected to be able to learn and accomplish many tasks throughout their day while seated. This can be an unrealistic request for my students. Their natural inclination is to be active. My students come to school energetic and eager to learn, but it's difficult to maintain attention for sustained periods of time. There IS a solution that could help my students! It is called active seating. Active sitting brings movement to the classroom which helps to improve concentration, implement better posture, and boosts energy levels throughout the day. Active seating provides students with the ability to move and fidget in a manner that will not distract themselves nor their peers from learning. This will help reduce stress while enhancing self-regulation, decreasing hyperactivity, and increasing focus. Your generous gift of providing funding for a classroom set of wobble stools has the potential to increase engagement, focus, motivation, and enjoyment of school. These stools will be used to help students learn for many years to come!