Helping Achieve through Books

Mrs. Reno
Lowell Scott Middle School
Grades 6-8
Boise, ID
Project Cost: $583.86
Dollars to go: $478.86

My Students

My district is a large district within the state, and our school is one that has many refugees who may have never been in school before. They face struggles of keeping up with their school work, adjusting to life in America, and to top it all, learn a new language. Needless to say, school is not always their first priority. Yet, even so, these students have so much potential. I believe that if I am able to engage them, then they will begin to learn. They have the potential to accomplish so much more than they believe. My students are incredibly street smart and can problem solve outside of the classroom. Many of them are taking care of themselves and siblings. This means that when they are in my class not doing the work, it is because I have either not explained it well, this skill has never been taught, or the language to communicate is still being built. I believe that they are truly capable of conquering all their obstacles.

My Project

We are requesting books in the series "What You Need to Ace..." for ELA, Math Science and History. Many students can enter a classroom and do well in the class if they follow along and do the work. My students have a disadvantage to this and it is one word, language. My students are not just learning content but a new language as well. This means that they sometimes need extra help. Please help me give extra support to my students through these books. Sometimes, all the help one needs is to go back over the information but sometimes, it needs to be discussed in class. By having these books, I will be able to give that support. Please join me as I venture to help these students succeed.