Helping Student Learning While Wiggling

Mrs. Weniger
Koelsch Elementary School
Grades PreK-2
Boise, ID
Project Cost: $164.28
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

The students at our Title I school are great. They are thoughtful, eager to learn, full of questions, and enjoy being able to work in a variety of places within the classroom. Each student also brings in their own learning style, diverse background, and willingness to learn. In our school, we have a variety of students that are exceptional, but can be wiggly or become overwhelmed to the point where they are distracted academically. Many students in my classroom have a hard time sitting at their desk and completing their work. This allows me to vary their learning environment, seating arrangements, and learning strategies in order to meet the needs of each of the student's in my classroom.

My Project

These cushions will help our classroom tremendously. We have many students that have a hard time sitting in their chair and become wiggly during instruction. That has a negative impact on the amount of information they are retaining. The students will be able to wiggle at their desks while doing their work without causing a distraction to the students around them. If they need a break they can simply stop working, use their wiggle materials safely to help them refocus, and get right back on track. This will allow students to be able to focus on their work and perform their bests!