An Organized Room Is a Happy Room!

Ms. Luker
Idaho Science & Technology Charter School
Grades 3-5
Blackfoot, ID
Project Cost: $228.32
Dollars to go: $0.27

My Students

I teach 19 of some of the best 5th graders I know! The school year has only just begun and I can already say that I love my students! I love that my students are happy and enthusiastic! I love that my student are so different but still accepting of each other. When I asked my students about what they were most excited about, the most common response I got was, “I’m excited to make new friends.” My teacher heart melted!

My Project

This project will very beneficial to my students and my classroom. I teach in a modular building. Teaching in a modular building has some pros and cons. One con is that my classroom lacks storage. Every teacher knows the importance of storage and organization. An organized room is a happy room! The mail sorter will be helpful when returning student work. I’m looking forward to my students being able to help with returning schoolwork. The drawer cart will act as a place to keep student’s supplies organized. The desktop drawers are more for me and my desk. The desktop drawers will help me organize important papers.