French-Language Magazines Connect My Students to the World!

Mrs. Duggan
Caldwell High School
Grades 9-12
Caldwell, ID
Project Cost: $311.54
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

I love my French students--they come to class ready to put aside their teenage coolness and join me not only in grammar and vocabulary exercises but also goofy, child-like activities, all designed to help them remember the French they are learning. We sing, we move around, we repeat things in "Minnie Mouse" voices--these young people are willing to be silly in order to keep learning French every day. They also engage in the ongoing task of learning how language in general works, and I enjoy seeing my students continue to experience the accelerated learning that comes as their conceptual understanding of language grows. I love watching my Spanish-speaking students make connections almost daily between Spanish and French, and I especially love to see how empowering that is for them. They are much more invested in class when they connect what they already know to what they are learning, and they are enthusiastic about the opportunity to teach me and each other out of their knowledge!

My Project

My continuing French students are ready to expand their French language skills and insight into French-speaking cultures around the world. Scholastic's magazine BONJOUR offers them articles in easy-to-read French about topics which interest teenagers everywhere. When the first edition arrives, we will jump right in to an article together, reading aloud in groups, looking up new vocabulary and analyzing idioms. I love the way these magazines inspire discussions on subjects my students really care about. They also encourage vocabulary development and reinforce grammatical structures as well as exposing the students to French-speaking cultures on four continents! I used Scholastic's magazine ALLONS-Y! for beginners in French last year, and now these students are ready for the fun and challenge of BONJOUR as they continue to learn this globally-significant language.