Comfort in the Classroom With Flexible Seating

Mrs. Brockwalder
Clearwater Valley Elementary School
Grades PreK-2
Kooskia, ID
Project Cost: $582.38
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

My students are creative, thoughtful and full of questions. They absolutely love hands-on, active, engaging projects and challenges that allow them to think outside the box to find solutions. They come to school each day ready to try new things and take brave chances in order to grow both personally and academically. Truly, they are my inspiration. We are so excited about the possibility of our classroom transformation and feel so thankful that you stopped by to check out our project.

My Project

Research shows that allowing students to sit in comfortable, flexible seating options greatly enhances their focus. With a fulfilled project, my classroom would change quite a bit. I would be able to offer my students a variety of seating options based on what best meets their needs. Students would be able to use stability balls, pillows, stools, and seat cushions to focus in our classroom. These options will allow them to become more comfortable, find a responsible working space and get the most out of our work times and classroom activities. The goal of flexible seating is to better engage students and empower them with choices by providing diverse seating options. Flexible seating will facilitate student-centered, collaborative learning, and foster a positive classroom community, and even promote healthy, kinesthetic learning.