Flexible Seating

Ms. Lewis
Pinehurst Elementary School
Grades PreK-2
Pinehurst, ID
Project Cost: $341.39
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

Students at our elementary school are loving, caring, kind and respectful students who deserve to have a safe learning environment. Our community is in poverty and the students don’t have much to do outside of school. My goal is to have their classroom be like their second home where they can be themselves, focus on learning, and feel confident. Our school is very old and in need of some changes to help it look and feel more inviting. Please help us make the change.

My Project

Flexible seating has become extremely helpful in many different schools. Students have a difficult time sitting for long periods of time. This is why they need options for different types of seats. Stools and cushions are all great choices for students to be able to sit comfortably while focusing their attention on school. I have also added clipboards and fidget bands to give students more choice while they work. Our students need our help to get them to where they need to be. They are the future of our world and deserve the best educational experience at all times. I believe that flexible seating will change the dynamic of my classroom and help my students not only feel comfortable, but redirect their attention to learning important subjects in a safe environment. Thank you for helping me benefit my students!