Kinder Cats Classroom Odds and Ends

Mrs. Carlisle
Paris Elementary School
Grades PreK-2
Paris, ID
Project Cost: $547.68
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

I have 22 kindercats that are made up of princesses, cowboys, rock stars, astronauts, and a few veterinarians. All of them are bright, excited, and ready for anything I throw at them. In our classroom we like to be loud, have fun, but most importantly be productive. My students are growing, learning and continually amaze me with their readiness to tackle reading, math, science, and social studies with vigor and curiosity. I want them to be confident in school from kinder on. These kids are from a small rural community. Every school in our district is a title 1 school and the district has very few funds to help teachers have what they need in the classroom. I want these students to have the education and classroom experience that they deserve.

My Project

The white boards will be completely changing because it will allow me to use their whole front of my classroom in comparison to my 4 ft wide white board I cam currently using. With of the extra board space I will be able to spread their seating put across the classroom compared to our small cozy corner. Having curtains will make seeing the projector easier. The small desk table will be used for their teacher to organize what she needs in front of her compared to around the classroom. I love the spots for the floor so each kindergartner will know exactly where to go when we line up to leave the classroom. Relieving the heading of cats to the line, which will dramatically reduce our transition time to different areas of the school.