Flexible Seating for Flexible Learners

Mrs. Hrizuk
Fruitland Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Fruitland, ID
Project Cost: $1418.04
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

Living and teaching in this community has been a very empowering experiences for me. These students come to school and know they are loved and appreciated. We have many parent volunteers, they love being apart of their child's education and help them develop a love for learning. Fruitland is a very special place to work and live. This kids are always looking for a learning opportunity and are finding their own education valued and enchanting. It is such a fulfilling and wholesome experience to teach in such a strong and supportive community. It is clear that the whole community is invested in the future of our kids.

My Project

These seating choices empower students to make the right choice for them and their bodies. If all we can focus on is how uncomfortable our chair is we will struggle learn how to add confusing fractions. By giving the opportunity to be comfortable we are giving the opportunity to focus on our academics. School can be hard for some kids, everyone learns in different ways. It is important to find our strengths and make our weaknesses something we can strengthen. For many 4th grade students sitting in the same stagnate seats all day is draining, they want to move and explore, by implementing more flexible seating they can focus less on the hard seat and focus more on developing their education.