First-Year Teacher Library

Mrs. Schmidt
Crimson Point Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Kuna, ID
Project Cost: $535.95
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

I am a first-year teacher and I am so excited to be spreading the love of reading with my 4th grade students! Our school participates in 'Pride Time' each morning. Pride Time means they choose their own books for sustained reading for 20 minutes. I love how excited these students are when they get to choose their books for Pride Time, and I want to give them every opportunity I can to expand that love. My students will have a more meaningful connection with reading by having a variety of books to choose from. Reading is one of the ways they love to learn. Through books, we are able to go on amazing adventures together and as individuals. Books also help us understand others and even ourselves. As a Title One school, many of my students do not have as many resources available outside of the school. I want to provide them with as much as I can inside our class.

My Project

By helping me build my classroom library you will put engaging, entertaining, and inspiring books right in my students' hands. As a first-year teacher, I have been working on building a library but struggle to bring in enough books for a class with various tastes to fully enjoy. I am excited to offer my students a wider variety of books that better represent the diversity of our class, enrich imaginations, and strengthen their understanding of influential individuals. I believe it is so important for the literature in the classroom to reflect the children. This can be through their gender, race, ethnicity, interests, background, and more. When kids can connect with and see themselves in characters in a book it uplifts them and gives them courage. Thank you for any support you can provide. I know my students and I will be incredibly grateful and inspired by your generous donations.