Equipment Is Our (Soccer) Goal!

Mrs. Young
Moreland Elementary School
Grades 9-12
Blackfoot, ID
Project Cost: $743.76
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

This classroom looks a bit different than most, it is outdoors and involves our high school girls soccer team. Our players are 9th thru 12th graders with varied backgrounds. We have girls who have invested years of time and practice. We also have girls that are stepping onto the field for the first time. The social economic backgrounds of these girls are just as vast. The school district is a rural agricultural community that has an unfortunately high number of low income families. Most of the players have not had the same chances to play organized sports because of the cost. The soccer field is a unique place that offers a literal and metaphorical level playing field for these girls to find out who they are and what they can become. Without this support most of these girls will not have the opportunity to participate and excel in this sport.

My Project

When this project is funded we will use this equipment daily in practice to allow the girls to personally increase their soccer skills. The span of experience with the sport of soccer goes from beginner to advanced and each player will be able to improve at their own rate with these equipment aids. Soccer training aids will allow the girls to perform at a higher level faster. Improved ball skills and foot speed from the skills ladder, solo soccer elite and training goals will allow each team member to enjoy their time on the field more as they contribute to the team.