Flexible Seating for Miss Stephens's Class

Ms. Stephens
Reed Elementary School
Grades PreK-2
Kuna, ID
Project Cost: $516.46
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

I work in a Title I school with approximately 650 students Kindergarten -5th grade. Our school is in a rural community with a diverse population. I teach Dual Language Kindergarten and the majority of my students quality for free or reduced lunch. Half of my students are native Spanish Speakers and half are native English Speakers. This is our first year of having all day everyday Kindergarten and I am already seeing the great benefits in this program but we are lacking the funds to buy all of the supplies our students need.

My Project

In my classroom there are students who have high energy levels and learn in different ways. We try and move through out the classroom when learning but there are times when students are working on an activity at their table and need to wiggle. We are requesting a variety of flexible seating options in our classroom to meet their different learning styles. Having these seating options in the classroom will allow the students to wiggle and work at the same time. Having 25 students in the classroom means there are 25 different learning styles. Having many options to work in a classroom will allow each student to be comfortable to help them learn. When students have a comfortable environment to work in when sitting they will be able to focus. Meeting each students' learning styles is a priority and having flexible seating will be a great addition to our classroom!