Kinder Carpet Time

Mrs. Olsen
Sacajawea Elementary School
Grades PreK-2
Caldwell, ID
Project Cost: $570.46
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

Many of these little people have a background of poverty and some have experienced trauma. They are just learning how to do school and how to play nicely together. A high percentage of them are English Language Learners as well. Despite their circumstances, they come to us eager to learn and deserve the best atmosphere possible! Setting them up for early success will ensure that they are able to break out of the cycle of poverty that is often generational.

My Project

Many of the daily activities of kindergarten are done in a whole group setting on the floor in front of the whiteboard. We are setting up a brand new all day kinder class, so there are things we just don't have. Having a rug with squares for individual students will help them regulate their little bodies, so they can get the most out of our time together. We will have phonics and reading lessons together, which is why I picked the rug with letters on it. It is brightly colored, which we will also be learning about and welcoming too!