Wiggle and Wobble While We Work!

Mrs. Fuller
Valley View Elementary School
Grades PreK-2
Bonners Ferry, ID
Project Cost: $642.05
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

My students are amazing first graders from a wonderful small rural town. This year my class is very energetic and drawn to movement activities. Anything that requires us to wiggle or squirm is loved by all. I have some students with special needs that require more movement throughout our day then others. We have been lucky to have enough space for movement activities in our class and are looking to bring in some flexible seating options. My students love to sit on exercise balls, stand, sit on cushions and wiggle while they sit. I would like to be able to give them comfortable acceptable options to sit while they are working. I would like to create the least restrictive environment to encourage movement and the ability to wiggle while we work.

My Project

First Graders love to wiggle and wobble! We would love to use Chair balls with Feet at each student work desk to give an alternative movement option while learning. The wobble stools would be available to Students with Special Needs that need more stability while sitting. Alternative Seating options developmentally help and benefit our Students with Special Needs. These seats would help students with A.D.H.D to channel their energy into wiggling or wobbling. Allowing this seating option would empower students to control their movement and keep an acceptable learning environment. All students in our First Grade Class would benefit from having flexible seating options.