Finding a Place: One Seat at a Time

Mrs. Walker
Mullan Trail Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Post Falls, ID
Project Cost: $669.52
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

My students need seating options that meet their needs. I am in the process of changing from a traditional classroom to flexible seating. This seating style allows my students to choose a comfortable spot in any area of the classroom when reading, writing, working on assignments, working with a small group or when learning as a whole group. Alternative seating also allows for me to arrange my classroom in different ways to meet the needs of lessons I'm teaching. Students love when they come into our classroom that has been transformed into a restaurant, science lab, or sometimes a coffee shop!

My Project

Flexible seating allows students to feel more comfortable in the classroom, take charge of their learning, and make the choices that work best for them. When students work productively, there are fewer disruptions, which leads to a positive classroom community. Making sure students are comfortable is an essential component in motivating them. Seating options other than desks allow the classroom to be set up in different ways for a variety of purposes. The table with benches I have selected will help in creating diverse learning environments to better meet the needs of our classroom and the different learning adventures we create. We've set up our classroom to create a restaurant look where students can "taste" different books and discuss them over their dinner table. We've turned our classroom into a science lab for experimentation. We've also redesigned our classroom into an African safari. I have seen how choice can positively affect my students work and demeanor and hope that the additional options will help us grow even more! I look forward to creating new and engaging set ups to match the different types of learning we do in our classroom.