First Grade + Flexible Seating = Student Success!

Mrs. Colson
Idaho Arts Charter School Primary Campus
Grades PreK-2
Nampa, ID
Project Cost: $389.58
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

The first grade year is a year of challenge and discovery. Students spend this year learning the foundation of knowledge and skills they will need to be successful in reading and math. We are also an arts integrated school which allows our students to work and problem solve in a creative way. My first graders are excited about learning! They are excited to explore the many subjects/topics that are introduced to them. They take off during this year and really start to thrive. It truly is amazing to see their capacity for learning and how they take pride in their efforts and are willing to challenge themselves to learn more.

My Project

Flexible seating allows students to take charge of their learning and make the choices that work best for them. During independent work times they choose a location in the classroom that works for them. Currently, my students are choosing to work in a variety of locations in our room such as: at different tables, sitting, or sitting or laying on the floor with a clip board. Making sure students are comfortable is an essential component in motivating them. I have noticed amazing differences in my students when they are given a choice in their seating. They almost always make good choices about where they sit, are more engaged, and get more work completed than when they are just sitting at their desk. My students are noticeably more engaged in their work and less disruptive of their peers when they are given a choice of where to work. The products that I have selected will help my students by giving them additional seating options to make more effective learning choices. The foam pads will allow me to lower tables closer to the floor and give students the choice to sit or stand at a higher table or a lower table with their iPads, and will still allow some movement. These will be extremely beneficial for some students that just need to get the wiggles out. They can also be used as an alternative chair if needed! They are lightweight and can be easily used in many areas of the classroom. I have seen how choice can positively affect my students work and demeanor and hope that the additional options will help us grow even more!