Wobble Chairs

Mrs. Dailey
East Canyon Elementary School
Grades PreK-2
Nampa, ID
Project Cost: $479.32
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

My students are very loving children who love to please their teacher, but many come to school lacking any parental support. The students in my classroom come to me from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences. I enjoy making my classroom a place where all students feel comfortable and included. I love my job and take it seriously. I love to teach children about the brain and how it learns best. We take a lot of brain breaks so students can get their wiggles out. They have a lot of energy, and enjoy EVERY opportunity to move.

My Project

Wobble chairs are one way to help children focus on teaching and learning. They build core muscles and do not tip over. This is music to any teacher's ears. I plan to use these six wobble chairs at a guided reading center but they will also available to children that may be needing a break or to allow for movement. Each child is treated as an individual with individual needs. Children are expected to sit for longer periods of time, and these chairs and bands are terrific. Wobble chairs and stretch bands are the perfect way to accommodate the second grade wiggles! By providing these students the ability to move during instruction, I can only imagine the outcome!