Perseverance & Kindness

Ms. Young
McMillan Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Boise, ID
Project Cost: $226.72
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

My elementary school students come from a broadly diverse population. Our school has a variety of cultures, learning styles and many have great economic needs. We are a group of teachers committed to meeting our students where they are as learners. We desire to embed School Wide Positive Intervention and Supports. At our school we strive to help our students understand their own learning styles and develop strong learner dispositions. We are teaching our students about Growth Mindset in an effort to help them rise above the many obstacles they face. We are helping them develop ownership, collaboration, reflection skills, self motivation, and resiliency, in order to develop healthy learner dispositions.

My Project

I want to share stories with children to help them identify their strengths, resiliency and to provide them with ongoing hope for their learning journey! I read books to small groups, to classes, and with individuals. I facilitate small groups to help students transfer their learning to their own life situation. Students at my school are practicing Learner Dispositions. I want to help embed new strategies into their existing daily experiences. Reading about how others learn can help them try new ways to learn and improve their self identity. Reading these books will help my students open their minds to new ways of thinking, learning and helping others.