Calculators for Some Crazy Cool Kids!

Mrs. Coles
Snake River Middle School
Grades 6-8
Blackfoot, ID
Project Cost: $180.04
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

I am overjoyed to be a first-year teacher in the same school district I grew up in. Many of my role models and superheroes growing up, were my incredible teachers and now I am lucky enough to have them as co-workers. My hope is to have a similar impact on my students. I will be teaching sixth-grade math and science. My students are amazing! Our school is in the middle of an agricultural metropolis. Many of my students come from farming families. We are located next to a reservation. We welcome a wide range of Native American and Hispanic students. Roughly fifty percent of our students qualify for free breakfast and lunch, yet they don't let hardships stand in their way. We celebrate the diversity of each individual student in our school. I am excited to work with each and every student to help them reach their full potential.

My Project

I am teaching 6th grade and math is evolving for my students. It is not so much multiplication facts and fractions anymore. My students are working with percents, multiple-digit decimals, ratios, and beginning algebra. It has come to the point where my students need to have a calculator to get things rolling. In my class, it's about becoming a mathematical thinker, not a calculator. Please help me get these calculators for my kiddos. I believe they will elevate the peaks in which my students can reach. I believe my students can climb Mount Everest if they put their minds to it.