Focus on the Words, Not the Noise

Mrs. Meisner
Lewis & Clark Middle School
Grades 6-8
Meridian, ID
Project Cost: $179.39
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

Our students are eager learners. They will go above and beyond their academic abilities because they have been asked. Whether they have academic, emotional or learning disabilities, our students want to succeed. As we continue to grow using our 21st Century Skills, we are also learning how to implement various tools and technology. In this class, we are problem-solvers, not failures. Success is achieved by learning the basics, making mistakes and tenacity. Once our students have learned something new, they are eager to share their expertise with their peers. They learn from each other, in a risk-free collaborative zone.

My Project

One of our many superpowers in our classroom environment is how we use our words to describe our learning as a process. We are eager and ready to create our video response journals. We have a large classroom, with many student voices working on video response journals all at once. We need acoustic soundproofing foam and adhesive squares to create recording cubes. We have found our voice, we want to be heard. We would like for our audience to be captivated by our individual reflections, methods, accomplishments and catastrophes. We need acoustic soundproof recording cubes to make this illusion happen in our classroom.