Producing Good Speakers and Thinkers

Mr. Cook
Priest River Elementary School
Grades 6-8
Priest River, ID
Project Cost: $576.15
Dollars to go: $376.15

My Students

My students are really looking forward to catching up some ground this year. It seems they have struggled with fundamental concepts over the years and are working hard toward overcoming their shortcomings. Some struggle with where they are sitting in class and others with the talkative few that have highly vocal and overactive minds. My kids want a fresh perspective in learning and aim to reach new heights. I would like to provide them every opportunity possible to them. Thanks!

My Project

Our presentation easel will give students not only important posted objectives and study helps, but also a piece of whiteboard of their own from whence they may present projects for writing and social studies classes, as well as any presentations of their findings when making mathematical inquiries to investigate the learning outcomes. This specially-designated area with a Wheasel for their presentations will bolster their confidence and allow students who rarely share their learning to shine before their peers. We aim to enrich our senses of inquisitiveness by having a positive daily enrichment in an area of great interest, world geography, which this new book will provide, engaging them in the subject of Social Studies. Also, math activities for fractions will be expanded thanks to funding dice-in-dice. May the opportunities for all of our students to learn continue stronger than ever before!