Upgrade Life in the Fifth-Grade!

Ms. Falk
Middleton Heights Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Middleton, ID
Project Cost: $1140.15
Dollars to go: $695.15

My Students

Welcome to life in the 5th grade at a truly terrific Title 1 school. My students are working hard in a dated classroom. We need furniture that matches the learning styles of our classroom. My student likes to work in creative, comfortable and home like environments. Our classroom community is built to support all of our student’s needs, but our desks and chairs are not. I am looking to bring the classroom coziness to life. There is also need to provide a better outlet for students who are high energy and need more movement during the day. The fixtures I am asking for will allow students to work in an environment that is designed to meet THEIR needs during the day. My 5th graders are active and collaborative. They often work in groups and pairs. I have noticed that students gravitate to the floor, the tops of bookcases and any other flat surface they can write on. Learning happens best in safe and comfortable environments and we can retro fit our classroom to physically create this welcoming environment when our grant is funded!

My Project

With the items that are requested my students will be able to comfortably work in the classroom all day long. Before starting this project, I asked my students what items they would be most interested in, and chose items accordingly. My students are excited to have wobble stools and yoga balls. Some are very interested in using wobble seats, because they can easily move the seat out of their way if they decide they need a regular chair. I also have a group of students that loves to work on the floor and cannot wait to get the floor seats. My 5th graders are ready to work hard in a physical environment that caters to their creativity. Groups of students will gather at different learning stations during the day. Research shows that students need movement during the day, and these fixtures are going to give students the opportunity to move as they feel the need to. My students will be able to comfortably sit and write or read for extended periods of time and collaborate when discussing history, science, and math. By donating to this project you are helping to create a physically stimulating learning environment.