Jerome Needs Google Chrome!

Mrs. Thompson
Summit Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Jerome, ID
Project Cost: $883.49
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

My students come from varied socioeconomic backgrounds. We live in a rural dairy farm area of Idaho. It's small-town living, where most families have lived here all their lives and know each other. One thing that makes our students special is their strong character and emphasis of family values. This could be due to the fact that we live in a small town, or it could be because many of our students don't have many material possessions, so they spend their time becoming a close family and a close community.

My Project

These Chromebooks will continue to enhance the technology I try to provide in my classroom. Today's world is full of technology and continues to change and move forward at a rapid pace. Students who don't have a chance to experience technology on a consistent basis will be left behind. I will use these Chromebooks to teach not just math and reading but also skills such as researching, editing, creating reports and projects, and practicing skills. Experiencing Social Studies and Science through technology makes it especially authentic. Students love learning through technology and become more engaged with this hands on approach. With this new Chromebook, I will be able to engage my students in technology more consistently. The best way to prepare them for a technologically advanced world is to subject them to engaging hands-on experiences with technology. I love to see their faces light up with interest and their bodies twitch with anticipation when I introduce a new assignment that involves technology. These Chromebooks will definitely enrich their experiences with technology.