Taking Idaho to Harvard to Build Family & Community Engagement

Mrs. Basye
Cascade School
Grades 3-5
Cascade, ID
Project Cost: $1094.47
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

I teach in a rural school district in the mountains of Idaho. We are in a K-12, one building environment. My students have been together since Kindergarten. They are excellent team members to each other. They enjoy project-based learning and their strengths really come out when given that opportunity. Every year I receive a large variety of students that come from many different home lives. My students become like my own and past students stop by daily for hugs and encouragement. Not only are we learning the core subjects in my classroom we are working hard at life schools.

My Project

I currently teach at a Title I school in a rural Idaho town. For the past two school years, I have been the Family & Community Engagement Leader kindergarten through twelfth grade. I had a wonderful opportunity to attend a local conference where I was inspired by Dr. Karen Mapp. She has created many amazing ideas and written many books to help teachers grow in this struggling area. I was able to create and implement a program that has helped to bring families and community members together to be a part of their students learning. This program has shown dramatic results during state testing as well as relationships between students and their families, and teacher-parent relationships. I have been accepted into Dr. Karen Mapp's summer institute that focuses on Family and Community Engagement. I feel it is vital for me to attend to help learn new techniques on how we can continue to build up these relationships at the secondary level; seventh through twelfth grade. This opportunity is once in a lifetime. After this training, I plan to come back to our small Idaho school and implement a program to help parents, teachers, and students become a high-functioning team.