Classic Survival Skills

Ms. Thomsen
South Fremont Junior High School
Grades 6-8
Saint Anthony, ID
Project Cost: $364.78
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

My students are creative, bright, funny, and thoughtful. Our rural school finds its home in a small town with small town values. Most of the students have known each other since kindergarten, but they welcome new additions to the school family like old friends. I love that my kids are at the perfect age to still try new things and be silly, but also be capable of incredible insight and deep discussion. I love the growth as I see in them throughout the year as they find their own strengths and learn to take responsibility for their choices. My students grew up with technology a daily part of their lives, yet many of them lack the technology at home to complete run of the mill homework assignments.

My Project

Robinson Crusoe is a classic novel of could he manage 26 years, alone? How do our students survive each day, each week, often feeling alone? Classic literature is classic because the themes still apply so long after their publishing, elements we can all relate to. By donating to our project, you give my students the opportunity to study classic literature, apply it to their current lives and interests, and become critical thinkers. By giving us 60 copies of Robinson Crusoe, you allow my students one more option for literature study. You allow them to explore another world...that isn't so very different from their own.