Repair Tools for Toons

Mrs. Tetwiler
Orofino High School
Grades 6-8
Orofino, ID
Project Cost: $895.68
Dollars to go: $495.68

My Students

Our goal is to make sure every kid who wants to participate in band has an instrument in their hands. The music classes at our school offer a wonderful opportunity for any student, any income, from any background to be part of a family where they are important. The music program serves over 150 students from beginning band (98%) to a senior high advanced band. Our school has 369 total enrollment. The poverty rate in our county is 16.6% with an average income of $20,154. Music is a wonderful way for these kids to express themselves and grow as individuals. Many have continued to participate in music throughout college. Please help us, keep kids playing.

My Project

We live in a remote area where the nearest repair shop is 45 minutes away. Our school does not have a repair budget. The students rely on the band director for most of the maintenance to the school's instruments as well as student owned. This repair kit provides essential tools for supplies and parts to keep students instruments in there hands longer. This kit will ensure that students will not miss out on learning in the classroom with their peers. With the kit, it will make sure that students no longer have to worry about the ability to afford the cost to repair their personal instrument. This kit will not just benefit the student it will also benefit the school in providing a happy and successful learning environment.