Wicked Is as Wicked Does: Costumes and Props

Mrs. Condon
Mountain View Middle School
Grades 6-8
Blackfoot, ID
Project Cost: $424.47
Dollars to go: $226.82

My Students

My students are crazy, fun. As I teach drama, I see wonderful creativity and super senses of humor. They sparkle when they get into the creative mode. This terms' students just finished presenting their final projects for family and friends. The students and audience had a great time. The middle school students had written their own scripts for skits and had worked for several weeks writing, blocking, learning their lines and preparing costumes and props. Last year the drama club presented a western melodrama, and it was a blast. Their ideas and talents added to the silly script and the show was truly a success. This year we are doing a play that is a spoof on fairy tales, and auditions have begun.

My Project

My students in this year's drama club would love to have these fanciful items for the yearly play. Wicked Is as Wicked is a silly spoof on the fairy tale characters, and these costumes and props will really help set the tone and boost creativity. Our middle school could use the princess and prince costumes and Goldilocks wig. The bird bath and trellises will add detail and whimsy to the set. Not only would these costumes and props be great fun for the current drama club performing this year's play, but the drama students from this year on will use these items for folklore plays and quick skits. I love watching the students enjoy the costumes we have available at this point. It will be a blast to add these to our supplies.