A Classroom Library!

Ms. Messmer
Pillar Falls Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Twin Falls, ID
Project Cost: $537.44
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

I currently have 23 very energetic and talkative 4th graders. My students come into class every morning wanting to learn! Most of them do extra curricular things after school. Some dance, others play football and basketball. We even have a few who participate in robotics teams and music programs. My students are Rock stars!! They are willing to go above and beyond. They are kind and helpful to everyone and really try and make others feel welcome. I have a community of learners in my class who go the extra mile every day to ensure their classmates understand what is being taught. We have our good days and bad, but we focus on the positive everyday.

My Project

My students love to read! I am constantly upgrading the books in my classroom to encourage them to continue reading. Right now, I have a few boxes of brand new books that I do not have room for. These books are not being used, because I don't have a place to put them. A high standing bookshelf would give these books a much needed home. Students would look forward to sitting on comfy bean bag chairs as they read their favorite stories. Many of my students take library books out to recess with them or ask to stay in the room to read. I would love to give them a little library that is comfortable and looks appealing. The students in my class who struggle to like reading would really be inspired by a new space in the classroom. I think they would be motivated to get grab a book, sit in a comfy bean bag chair, and fall in love with a book. Creating a love for learning and reading is a personal goal of mine, as a teacher.