Yoga & Mindfulness Equals a Calm School: Tools for Life

Ms. Brattin
Amity Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Boise, ID
Project Cost: $621.19
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

I have the opportunity to work with all students, in all grades Prek-6 across the school. Working with students from ages 3-12 provides for many opportunities for problem-solving among students as individuals, with peers and sometimes with the support of adults. The students here are amazing! They are open to new ideas and grow as individuals. Many times students work hard to resolve their problems through their own means but understand they also have the support of many caring adults when they need some fresh ideas. Some students come to us with very few tools in their tool belt and need extra support from staff to help them develop tools that will help them navigate their reality in a successful manner. The students who receive extra support create long-standing relationships within the school while they learn to access and use their new found tools for success.

My Project

Students across the school will self select to participate in alternate recess activities throughout the year. One of the options students can choose from is mindfulness and yoga during lunch recess. The materials being requested will help with this activity. The books and games being requested will be used to keep this time with the students fresh and new. Each book and game will allow the students to hone their skills in a new, engaging way. Often times 60 or more students will be joining yoga at once. The students need mats so they can participate in the activity in a safe way. Within this activity, students are working on strength, breathing, creating healthy boundaries, recognizing inner gifts, conflict resolution, the ability to work as a team, respecting the needs of others and celebrating differences among themselves. The chime is being requested so students can remain engaged and attentive in a manner that is in line with the ideas being expressed in the activity. Students will learn to become more mindful and present in their school setting. The skills the students learn will help them when they find themselves in conflicts and need to select a tool that can help them resolve the conflict in a peaceful and respectful way.