Kootenai Kids Need a Laminator

Mrs. Roget
Kootenai Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Kootenai, ID
Project Cost: $2048.62
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

Kootenai students are a special bunch. Kootenai Elementary is a school with over 50% free-reduced lunch... but that does not mean they are not amazing! Our students love our school and the teachers. We are truly a community of diverse, amazing people. We are all in this together-- everyone works hard to ensure each student learns every day. From teachers to custodians...we all believe in students achieving and work hard to support that mission. Kootenai kids love our school and work hard every day-- they deserve nothing but the very best.

My Project

Teachers spend a large sum of personal money and time to create materials to support student learning. Having a laminator would help preserve the amazing materials teachers create and use. We do not have a lot of extra funding to support projects that are supplementary supplies--which is what a laminator is categorized as. Our current laminator is over 10 year old-- the electric buttons are falling off and it frequently mis-functions. We work hard at Kootenai School- it would be amazing to give teachers and students a nice machine to help give back and support all the great things happening here!