Fourth Grade Friends

Mrs. Smith
Raft River Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Malta, ID
Project Cost: $281.84
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

Our fourth grade is unique. I have students from different backgrounds, cultures, religions, and races. Some students are learning English for the very first time. Some students require special education, and some students are very talented when it comes to learning. Seeing my students engaged and deeply involved in their own education is a great joy to me. I strive to provide hands-on learning experiences in a safe environment, where students are free to explore, make real-world connections, and see their knowledge grow and expand!

My Project

In this project, I am asking for ‘The Color of Us’ hardback book to help enhance my students’ knowledge and understanding of different cultures and build their awareness of diversity. After reading this book, students will be challenged to create a short play using the People Shapes Project Kit, People of Color construction paper, colored pencils and jumbo people shaped craft sticks. I want all students in my classroom to feel welcome, represented, and included, irregardless of their ethnicity or race. Teaching students to celebrate the differences between cultures and to welcome the differences of those around us will help them to grow into well-rounded adults who view others by their worth and not the color of their skin. Please help provide my students with the tools they need to be ‘Fourth Grade Friends’ to everyone!