Engineering Art: 3D Printing Beauty

Ms. R.
Central Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Nampa, ID
Project Cost: $647.59
Dollars to go: $386.59

My Students

"Homeless," "latchkey," and "in foster care" are the majority of students I teach. Despite having to overcome more hardships than I can ever imagine, my students are happy and loving. The main goal in our classroom is inclusion and safety. We work hard from the beginning of the year to assure that every student feels welcome and safe the moment he/she enters the classroom. Our classroom is filled with laughter, love, and respect. The students in my classroom are energetic and active learners. My students are enthusiastic about assisting one another and often enjoy the opportunity to help. Students in my classroom genuinely care for one another, and they show it every day.

My Project

Having a 3D printer our classroom will help students become more motivated to participate in STEM activities. Not only will students be able to design their own unique pieces of art, but they will be able to experience how technology can bring their ideas to life. Students can incorporate STEM activities with their artistic abilities creating a full STEAM experience. Bringing art into the STEM experience will motivate more students then STEM alone and will help students realize the many opportunities that STEM activities provide. We are also requesting different color filaments so that students can put even more identity of themselves into their art, by making the art creating in preferred colors.