Makerspace Makes Sense

Mrs. Smith
Owyhee-Harbor Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Boise, ID
Project Cost: $1266.21
Dollars to go: $0.00

My Students

Our students are no different than any other school around the country. They love to read and love new books. I am the librarian and love bringing books into the hands of eager readers. The past two years I've been trying to implement a time that the students can come see me and try something in the library that is a bit more unusual. They have the opportunity to build, play, create, and socialize. We call this "Makerspace." We love our Makerspace! This is an exciting time in the library where students come and creatively make things, build things, or just explore things. I am looking for consumable art supplies so students can create things and the Sphero Spark coding robot.

My Project

The kids at our school love Makerspace. They come a few days a week to make things like duct tape wallets, build with LEGOs, or play with games. I really want to give students the opportunity to try out the coding skills they are learning in the computer lab with Sphero Spark robots! It will be so much fun to see their coding in action! I also need more duct tape for this year. I thought adding Washi Tape would be a nice and fun touch to utilize with the duct tape. I wanted to introduce a few novel activities like making things with loom bands or designs with fuse beads to my Makerspace. The kids love anything creative and I know they will love this. I am also excited to try making stickers with the kids. They design a drawing and then the machine turns it into a sticker. It's so cool to witness! Thanks for showing my school and my students how important education is and how exciting Makerspace can be!